Telling Stories

I am almost finished in creating the work for Telling Stories. BIG HOOOORAY (“Thank you very much, it's what I've always wanted!”

“oh, you mean no reward?”)

I have ripped off my own work in a sorts, but maybe this is just a reprise. Originally the work was about letting go of a love, the birds symbolising freedom, and it still is about that, but maybe in a new and different way. This time I'm trying to tie the whole thing together a little more, the text directly relating to the colour, the look of the birds.

The birds are no longer in origami-style either, I took a far simpler design, which I think makes them look better, obviously I'm still struggling with some aspects, such as the fishing wire that will hang them and the weight (they keep trying to nose dive, which might be nice, might not be, and anyway I have other ideas about that.)

I know last time I posted I briefly mention about text, and I know before that I was complaining about trying to title the work. It's this word thing, I put so much emphasis on words and what I'm trying to say. Sadly it doesn't always work out how I want to, which is ridiculous as I have a large vocabulary, but sometimes FUCK IT is exactly what needs to be said.

I am slowly starting to see this as an online sketchbook of sorts, where I can whinge to my hearts content about artworks then go and do it. I do apologise, at times it must be terribly depressing and boring to read.

But anyway, back onto ripping off my own work. The whole idea focuses on the end of a relationship, freedom, or perceived freedom and some type of death, “She's turning blue” referencing a difficulty to breath, metaphorical or literal. The boards a literal metaphor for flying away, flying where you want to, the perceived freedom. Obviously I'm not doing too well these day about explaining my work.

Again the piece features multiples, which is a common theme in my work as I like the obsessional nature of creating the same object over and over, in most of my previous exhibitions and ideas the same object does show again and again. There is something neurotic in this that needs to be explored a little more.

I'm trying to remember when I was at university and the replicas, repetition and multiples module I did. There is something in it, I'm sure that does mention about failure and that links in with repetition. Again and again.

We make the same mistakes, we make the same work. We say the same words. Trying to make human connections. I need to do some more reading on this subject, as is pretty obvious. I might let you know my wonderings about it all.

But right now, I need to get working on these birds, lest they don't quite hit my oh-so-high standards, and I'm tired of letting myself down (repeatedly).


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