Tell Me A True Story (But Start With Once Upon A Time)

So, I sort-of, half-arsed wrote about the artwork here, or at least, it's origins, where it came from. Obviously this work is made in conjunction with Rachel Pickles, so I can only talk about what it means to me and what I want the viewer to take from it, Rachel may have a different take, or maybe, she won't, you'll have to ask her. textteaThis is the poem that we wanted to be part of it all, some of you may remember studying Barrett Browning at school as part of English, I know I do, but her words have weight, and if you analyse the poetry, it works. We focused on the idea of loving someone, not giving them sympathy for their situation, the feelings get confused and then what are you left with?

erin veness access all areas 2014 accrington thinking beyondI know throughout my struggles that sympathy doesn't help all that much, not really, sometimes I need someone shouting at my while I lay hooked up to a drip after overdosing, nice shouting obviously, I don't need to be told I'm a cunt (I know I am). Love is a much stronger emotion, than medication and the sympathetic ear (while drinking a cup of tea). Illness has a repetitive nature to it, or at least mine does. BPD leaves me on a roller-coaster of up and down, and I'm sure there are so many others that do.

Love me don't pity me. When we heal, when we begin to recover; what is left if it is only pity? You comfort me with tea, remind me to take my medication. All waste has a history, and some of it has a comfort, a home, a sentiment and meaning. The work nods to repetition, to a moment in time, decisions being made without, when pity ends, is there love? We often comfort people, friends, family with tea, allowing a moment to reminisce. Hope, a light at the end of the tunnel. We are concerned with an emotional response to the work, the viewer becoming aware of concepts of 'home' and personal relationships.

erin veness access all areas 2014 thinking beyond accrington libraryTeabags hang from empty prescription boxes, these boxes have teacup silhouettes cut out of them, the teacup a hallmark of obsession with home, with love. There is a discussion between the items original use and the reinterpretation. There is an idea of the creation, destruction and transience of life, light filters through, illuminating the unwanted and discarded items.

I currently don't have any photos of it installed, as I haven't been able to get up there, I'm hoping some come through though. Until then though, the images shown here are when I stuck it to my bedroom wall, to see how it was moving along, if it did look how I wanted it to.

Thinking Beyond First Floor @ Accrington Library (St. James Street, Accrington, Lancashire BB5 1NQ) The exhibition continues until the 20th of June. 

Exhibiting Artists:-

Lee Devonish/Pamela Armstrong/Matthew Bamber/Keith Parkinson/Paul Edmondson/Linda Erliz/Nicola Carter/David O'Malley/Nina Ciuffini/Barrie J Davies