Death Proof

19 So I went out to Dungeness, home of a nuclear power plant and England's only desert. The whole place has such a desolate, strange feeling and I love it. Little shacks jostle in a higgldy-piggldy fashion. Driving out in my friends car I felt straight out of death proof. I do have to apologise for the sheer number of photos, I got a little trigger happy (again).  It's the home of many videos, such as The Lighthouse Family's "High" and The Prodigy's "Invaders Must Die" , and a few others I'm sure. It's almost a dumping ground for old fishing equipment to just, decay.

Sometimes I feel like I'm decaying.

21 The world seems tumultuous and change whispers on the wind. My artwork is currently up at Telling Stories in Sevenoaks, please do say Hello if you've come here through that, and feel free to leave any comments at me, I do reply and I don't bite.

I went on holiday with work to AllHallows, I have pictures from that too, I do tend to be such a mad photographer, trying to capture every little moment and sometimes I get scared that I'm not taking it in because I'm busy trying to capture and remember the moment.

I'm slowly digging through ideas for new works and keeping my ear to the ground, exhibitions, things a foot, hello, me please, me please. Obviously these things don't come without hard work and tearing myself to shreds over what I've done and how I've done it and why do I hate it all so much sometimes?

My hands are still so sore, I keep picking picking and that does no-one any good. Sometimes when I start typing I get scared it'll just be a diatribe of how much I'm so unhappy with who I am, and other times I'm trying to see the positive in it all. If I don't like something I want to change it, I need to change it, so I spend all the time in the world trying to improve myself, and see myself maybe as others see me.

I don't believe it is solely to do with anything artistic or mental health related either. I just think it's the way I am, and we're all different and that is something to be celebrated and rejoiced about. Partying into the night because we can and we want to.

3233 I know I also said I was going to visit London, which I still need to write about, I took the lovely Martin and we saw so many beautiful, lovely things, such as Postman's Park, and wandered for hours around Shoreditch, the artists area.

This year I seem to be doing more, seeing more and expanding my already overly stretched brain. I always believed myself to be open minded and open to new experiences and trying new things. I do still believe that, but I also remember that I have so much to learn, still.

I'm only young and in the general scheme of things, I am still a young child, in nappies in the way of the world.

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