New In Portfolio//Other Notes

I updated my portfolio to show the grand total of screen prints I've achieved to date (ish), I know, I know. I've been attempting to photograph my works better. There are enough tips on the internet on that subject so I'm not going in to it.


I'm not a happy, whimsical person, who enjoys a plethora of activities, in fact, it's impossible to get me to do anything unless I want to do it. I've become pretty good at backing out of plans, especially if, on that day, they don't feel right. My friends mean the world to me, but I know that I'm moody and difficult and that doesn't always spell out "a good time".

In retrospect, though, the glorious weather we've been treated to has encouraged me to sit on the beach and in parks with friends, a couple of drinks and factor 50 suncream (because I burn far too easily these days).

I'm not too sure about the future, but I know in this moment, the light breeze on my skin makes me think of change and adventures, and that can't be all bad.