London Calling pt.1

2 I never want to move to London. Which seems strange as I went there for a weekend with the lovely Martin. It's different to live and visit though and sometimes London is just what I need, I crave the anonymity that is provides when visiting, it's almost as if I don't exist for that moment. I like that moment (so much).3

I took Martin to visit postman's park, a delightful place for contemplation and reflection. Memorials to people doing good deeds and then dying. It's one of London's little secret places, and it's never too busy to visit and enjoy it.

We meandered around Shoreditch, a part of London that has changed SO MUCH. Gone are so many of the down-and-outs and hello trendy, being a hipster dick-ish-ness. I did find a lovely little bookshop though, in which I got far too excited (as usual) and bought books that I couldn't afford, this is nothing new though.

Then we drank cocktails, trailing from the Drunken Monkey, to Dirty Dicks, to Dirty Martini before somehow managing the tube back to Lancaster Gate. All in all it was a wonderful chance to spend some quality time with Martin. Often our work means we're passing ghosts, catching moments here and there, this allows us time to enjoy each others company and to explore. We are explorers of the world and we will venture forth to apparently where everyone else has been too.4


I do prefer the tube when it's empty though. I'm not a fan of tight inclosed spaces and staggering back from Nottinghill after cocktails and mexican food meant it was peaceful and quiet, lengths of tunnels allowing our feet to echo on the floor.


Remember in the second world war? Maybe not so. The history London has is amazing, and the amount of things that survived and have memories imbued in them is fascinating. It's experiences like this that drive my artistic practice, and push me forward and push me on.


Tell me of the memories that you hold dear, show me the polaroids of people that you love. I want to show you this, I need to show you this. Hold my hand, please...


In other news, Telling Stories is up & expecting visitors and I need to edit the photos I took in AllHallows, and those I took in Camden, it's all go go go in my brain and I'm hoping for the lucky break that means I can sit back and be like "YEAH GIRL, YOU DID IT"


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