My Life In A Monoprint

print2 It's rain-ing, it's pour-ing, the old man is snor-ing, he went to bed and bumped his head and couldn't get up in the morn-ing. Or is it mourning? Not just morbid, but confusing too.

I'm incredibly open at times, and I can shout so loudly, but I find it difficult to shout the right words to communicate. It's not always saying the right words. Sometimes there are no words, and that's when art comes in. I'll combat the things restricting me, and find some way of making my thoughts heard.

A conversation with my father made me realise that when I say I've been monoprinting, people probably, maybe, haven't got a clue what I mean, or even how the process works, so I thought I'd take and share some photos. As if you follow me on any social media (instagram/facebook) you'll see I've been printing like a mad woman.


You need, a bit of glass/metal/shiny surface, printing inks, pen and paper. It's an easy and delightful process. possibly a roller too, that shit helps.

Things that don't help include: inquisitive kittens. I recommend shutting them in another room/the cellar as kitten footprints everywhere are messsssssy.


So, I square off the area I want to work in, and place my piece of glass on a towel. Because I can and it's glass and safety first people!

Ink your plate, I always put too much on and then have to blot the excess off with newspaper. You kind of need to be able to see through the plate- ish. Also, for the note, yesssss printing inks are expensive but a little goes a very very long way and this never works with acrylic or watercolour, I have had some experience with oils, and that produces some interesting results.


Slap that piece of paper onto the ink, don't press too hard, or do, it's alllll about experimenting. (Book of naked chick is entirely optional, it's my reference book and features about 200 photographs of women in various poses).

Draw how you like onto that piece of paper, it's all about the pressure kids, think about your tones, the more pressure the darker it is. ALSO: remember you're effectively working backwards, if you want the person/animal/object to be looking left, you need to draw it looking right. Does it need to be said if you're working with text you need to write the WHOLE THING BACKWARDS?

I told you anyway.monoprintpro3

Lift your paper off, and ta-daaaaaaaa you have a monoprint, I use a piece of wood and two books to lean on when drawing, so I don't get huge blobs where my hand is resting, but the aesthetics are allllll up to you.monoprocess1


Finally, after you've lifted the paper up, you have a negative, you can either, roller that ink and obliterate everything you've just done (because you hate it, or because you like unique pieces of art that you'll struggle to re-create) or, you can lay a lovely piece of clean paper down and print that negative like it's never been printed before.

After that you can really get excited and do some experimental things, layering the pictures, the colour, write that shit backwards because you like a challenge, use water colours before or after to make it prettier/uglier (delete as appropriate).

So, now you know, and you too can go forth and create your very own monoprint.


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