An Introduction to Jan Svankmajer

In 1972 the Czech Military decided to feed LSD to a group of volunteers. The doctors administered the LSD intravenously to the volunteers over a period of days, the volunteers themselves made up of artists, one of which was Jan Svankmajer.

Drugs may be a way to a kind of liberation, but only for non-creative people. This is because the creative act is an act of magic - the more so the more it draws on the imagination.

Out of my Head, The Guardian

Jan Svankmajer is one of my favourite people to investigate, he is an interesting person and also fulfils my need for useless information that relates to nothing else in my life. The producer for seven full-length films and many more short films and animations, Svankmajer never fails to delight me. He has a signature style, that reminds me of Terry Gilliam amongst others.

Jan Svankmajer uses stop-motion and puppetry in his beautifully-liable-to-cause-a-nightmare films. A surrealist by trade, many of the shorter films are made from a child's perspective and become quite disturbing when watching with adult-eyes. Svankmajer's storytelling is accessible to a wide range of viewers due to the strange visuals and characters that seem to be brought alive straight from childhood fears.

Creepy yet enchanting, I'd recommend starting with Alice (based on Lewis Carroll's, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland), and then venture further down the rabbit hole.