Jake & Dinos Chapman Want Your Skin

Who Wants your Skin? Jake & Dinos, That's Who!

The title says it all really. I'm having a hard time with something recently that everyone in Hastings keeps mentioning.

Chapman Brothers plan tattoo parlour for Hastings

Now I like the artwork the Chapman Brothers create, I really don't have too much of a problem with the idea of them tattooing (although maybe I do). My issue comes with the funding of this exhibition, or more importantly, where that funding is coming from.

The Chapman Brothers are wanted at the Jerwood Gallery (which wasn't exactly popular when it was built and is still a HUGE bone of contention). So the Gallery was supported by the Jerwood Foundation,

The gallery’s £4million capital costs have been funded entirely by Jerwood Foundation, who also support the core running costs.

Brilliant, excellent. It's a gallery, that you still have to pay to get in to, I think it's around £8 to get in, which is a bit steep really. I thought we were supposed to be opening the arts up, not closing them off even more. I can almost see past this, what I am most narked about is the Jerwood is Crowdfunding to get the Chapman exhibition off the ground.

Yes. You heard right. Two huge names in art are expecting you, yes you, to offer them some money to get a show. Please don't forget that Chapman Brothers works at Auction generally go for ten of thousands of pounds. Auction houses for Contemporary Art are a bit (read: extremely) cagey about prices, so it's difficult to get an up to date figure.

So the Jerwood Foundation, who run the Jerwood Gallery (in a confusing mix of charities and "we're not for profit") want £25,000 to get the exhibition going. The Chapmans won't be taking a fee for the exhibition. So where is this £25,000 going, exactly? The spiel given by The Jerwood Gallery on their facbook page, where most people are losing their shit over this is, and I quote;

This is a project that the gallery wants to undertake. The Chapmans won't be taking a fee for the exhibition and the money raised will enable us to deliver the ambitious plans for this exhibition.

The gallery has a limited exhibition budget and we wouldn't be able to put on a major exhibition like this without the help of funders. 

Should we be successful in raising the funds, a budget will set aside for the brothers to purchase works. There are also costs attached to covering the technical side, including transport, installation, insurance etc, which form the main bulk of the exhibition costs. All money raised will go towards the exhibition and events programme.

Which to be frank, stinks like shit. The Jerwood Foundation subsidised £4million to build a Gallery where it wasn't wanted, so surely, if the Jerwood Gallery wants the Chapmans Brothers maybe they need to speak to the Foundation, I'm not going to even believe that the two don't exchange money on a back hand.

I wrote previously about the amount of Galleries Hastings has, most of which are true blue not-for-profit and community run spaces, why not offer your services Jake & Dinos, to the wonderful people of Hastings, exhibit at The Art Forum, I'm sure they'd have you. It's something that makes me feel sick, how all this money is banded about so easily, and all in the name of gentrification, (the gallery was supposedly built to help regeneration, in an area of Hastings that gets the most tourism, right, liars, want to help regeneration? Build it in my area, where all the places need regenerating).

I just really believe that the Chapman Brothers, The Gallery and The Foundation could fund this so easily, without making a mockery of crowd-funding. I'm a big supporter of the little man asking for a help up with crowd-funding, I really am and will endeavour to support ones that catch my eye.

But Jerwood, Jerwood No. NO I'M NOT PLAYING. Or paying, either.

(Next time on Erin loses her shit, how Jake & Dinos Chapman mock the art of tattooing).

Lovelove x