I am [the] CAPITAL

DSC_0012 copy I was going to talk about my visit to some of St Leonards Galleries and what they were showing. Sadly I timed my visit wrong and many were closed, or I (as usual) felt too self conscious gong in and taking photos. (so I did my clever standing-outside-taking-photos routine).

DSC_0040 copy One thing I was part of this weekend though was The Communist Gallery at The Union Bar in Hastings. A few weeks ago I went to a talk about Marxism and The Commodity Fetish. It was an interesting talk and I learnt quite a lot, while also drinking a little too much cider. Alan and Kate set out to those that had attended their aim or creating a Communist Gallery to challenge our beliefs of Capitalism and also how us, as artists make work and earn a living. The event would be organic, with those of us adding artwork to do so in a very ad-hoc way, no special gallery submissions here, bring your work and stick it on the wall.

I half-heartedly did some monoprints, as an experiment to myself and within this new exhibiting opportunity. Sadly I felt my monoprints lacked something. I have still included photographs. There were many pieces of work put in that I found clever an inspiring. Including, Georgie Sleap, Anne Hullandis, Rachel Pickles and many others.

As usual my good friend Rachel Pickles put in some beautiful prints based on diagrams. She and I both had similar problems in getting our work to sit on the wall. In the end I resorted to scruffily attacking work and wall with Gaffer tape and Pickles succinctly managed to use industrial strength double sided sticky tape.

DSC_0044 copy

Artist came from London, Reading, Burwash to all come together in a shared experience, which was delightful. It was also rather fascinating to see the many different responses to the idea of Communism.

I was ever so grateful for the chance to push myself out of my comfort zone and to attempt something new, even if that something new didn't quite work to my advantage. It has been a learning curve, even if I feel like I've proven myself to be a one trick pony. I can make an amazing amount of objects, I can curve text around my tongue.

The whole experience at The Communist Gallery has left me slightly excited though, especially for Telling Stories, which I'm starting the work for soon.

Sometimes I feel I learn a lot more from my failures, when I royally screw something up I have an intense need to prove to myself that actually, I can do something well. Obviously this never lasts long and I often end up hating what I've made anyway, which I know I have mentioned here I have been told is a curse for artists, who never are completely satisfied about our works.

But then, if we were, then maybe it wouldn't be such an enthralling subject for us.