Exhibition Tomorrow: @Radiant

Erin Veness 2 I have been determined to make myself busier with art. Remember me bawling on the blog awhile back, about change and all that? Well, I've been working on it, slowly. I've been digging into the recess of what exactly it is that inspires me. Apart from the obvious (painful at times) interactions with people.

I have ideas, and I did have notes and notes in a sketchbook somewhere for them, but that's all being thrown out the window. I'm working on being a better version of me, round of applause?


I have a show opening tomorrow night in Plymouth, that means you should come see my art.

Tomorrow: You Have No Events Scheduled For Tomorrow

will be opening at RADIANT, 12 Derry's Cross, Plymouth PL12TE.

I'm exhibiting with a range of people, who, I'm going to give a quick run down of here, as I can and I want to and this is an art blog so lets talk about some art.

Drew Johanna hails from Los Angeles, and has some stunning images. (Well, it better be this Drew). Johanna's displaced series especially resonate with me, there is something there that speaks to me and makes me say, "Yes". Bizarrely they remind me of being in psych units, which may not be the photographers intentions, but, eyyyy.

Scott Graham Chapple does some extraordinary things with light and colour. There is something so delightful about his almost playful works, and there's something really simple about it all too, that makes me very happy.

Steve Hines has such a distinctive style, and I've been scouring his CV to see if I can recognise anywhere I may have seen his work before, sadly I'm drawing blanks (if you can ignore the pun). I want to question all his works, which I think is what he's after, which is pretty awesome, it's great when the artist and the viewer have conversations happening independently.

Vincent Chomaz is also exhibiting and his works say so much too me, just like Johanna's do. I'm at a loss to say much, sometimes images are just so much better, which will come, I promise, just bear with me.

Oh, and then there's me.

Those I'm exhibiting with seem so much more accomplished than myself. Then again, maybe I should stop being so silly, this work has been shown three times now across the country. It must be doing something right.

Also, I'm busy getting to work on stuff for The Temps as part of Coastal Currents, so basically, this year has been pretty super, with four exhibitions, lots of ideas in the pipeline. I'm slowly learning to take myself seriously as an artist.

This year is all coming up Erin really, and I shouldn't complain.