"Dear Gordon"

Dear Gordon at Claremontdeargordon2I went and saw an exhibition today; and honestly it was the type of thing I love. Claremont Studios have started a project for six months called "Dear Gordon", the artworks all centring around a found, possibly never delivered letter. Can you see why I like it already? Sophie Calle did amazing things with a dear john letter, and I did my own installation on break-ups and letter, (it was called You Never Bought Me Flowers So I Gave You A Garden, photos are here, and a review is here). deargordon I loved the works in the gallery centred around this letter. Everything just screamed at me, yes yes yes. This is art, this says something to me.

Anonymous Bosch especially caught my eye, the collections of found photos and notes made me feel so much towards everyone, which never happens. Sadly, I can't seem to find a website for them/him/her/it. I love the things people can do with found objects, everything has a history and we imbue those objects with a history.

I'm not very eloquent with talking about things I really like. Especially when they're so fresh and vivid in my mind. deargordon3 It was the Kings Road Market today, in conjunction with The St Leonards Festival, and I stumbled across a one, Drew Copus, a lovely man who does some delightful graffiti art, so obviously, I had to stop and get him to spray me something for my wall, with a butterfly none the less. He's currently exhibiting at The Dragon Bar in Hastings, and the wonderful Rebecca Snotflower has interviewed Drew for Hastings Online Times.

So now I have some more beautiful yet slightly lurid coloured (I basically asked Drew if he could make it look like a child had vomited everywhere) art for my wall, I'm also going to bully my bestie into giving me some of her work, (which you should totally buy from here) and then everything will be amazing.

The word on everyones tongues right now is Metamorphosis, butterflies and moths, change whispers on the wind, and a fledgling artwork I had seems to gather something concrete about it. I think of words, I think of the power of language we have.

I must get out more.

Real-world bites and stings but there is so much out there to be discovered, so much out there that feeds into my heart, my brain and my artworks. Change everything and leave a path to your dreams when you get there my darlings, and send me a postcard detailing everything.